Frequently Asked Questions

Topic Question Answer
Calendar Will Virtual Academy students follow the same academic calendar as other Lex2 schools? Yes
Communication I work from 9 AM - 5 PM and I typically don't get home until 6 PM.  What if I need to speak with one of my child's teachers after that time? Teachers will not have extended hours beyond the typical school day, similar to in-person schools.  Teachers can be contacted outside of normal school hours via email and they will set up a time during the day if a phone/video conference is requested.
Communication Will teachers reach out to the parent/guardian if a child is not participating virtually? As with traditional instruction, monitoring student progress is a team effort.  Parents will be expected to monitor their student's grades and participation through Parent Portal.  However, teachers will also stay in regular communication with parents about their student's progress.
Curriculum Will my child still have opportunities for related arts courses in subjects like art and music? There will be limited related arts or fine arts classes.
Curriculum What sort of curriculum options will be available (i.e., honors or gifted courses in ELA, math, science, SS)? Students will have access to the core content (ELA, math, science, and social studies) at the college prep and honors levels as in their home school.
Curriculum What about arts/humanities electives? There will be limited related arts or fine arts classes.
Curriculum Will any language courses be available? World Language courses will be available to high school students.
Curriculum For my children in Quest at BC, will they be able to take ALL their AP classes in the virtual academy? We may not be able to offer all of the AP Courses through the Virtual Academy that we offer in our traditional high schools. This will be determined by the number of students needing certain AP courses.
Enrollment I'd like to sign up one of my children for the Virtual Academy and one for face-to-face learning.  Is that allowed? Yes, children in the same household can be signed up for different instructional models.
Enrollment My children are currently in the OASIS program.  Would they lose their spots in OASIS?  Will there be special programs for Gifted and Talented students?  Would my children be able to return to the OASIS program the following year? By selecting the Virtual academy, students are choosing an alternate model for their instruction.  Upon their return to face-to-face instruction, students could reapply for admission into the OASIS program, but a spot would not be held vacant.  Students will have gifted/talented opportunities as part of the Virtual Academy.
Enrollment Two of my children were also taking a few classes at the Innovation Center. Will this be possible with the Virtual Academy? If your child is enrolled in a course at the Innovation Center that requires contact hours for certification, then they would be able to attend those classes, but transportation would not be provided.
Enrollment If my child is in the Early College program, will they still be able to participate while in the Virtual Academy? Yes, if students are enrolled in the Early College program, they can both enroll in the Virtual Academy and complete Early College courses at Midlands Tech.
Extracurricular activities Will students in the Virtual Academy be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities (ex. marching band)? As guidelines allow for certain extracurricular activities, students would have the opportunity to participate in after-school activities at their home school.
Fees What are the student fees in the Virtual Academy? Students would have the same students fees as other Lex2 students.
Instruction What is the difference between Lexington Two's Virtual Academy and a program like Connections Academy or SC Virtual Learning? Lexington Two's Virtual Academy is designed to offer a program similar to Connections Academy or SC Virtual Learning.  When the COVID-19 crisis ends, your child would still be enrolled as a Lexington Two student.  He/she would then come back to school in a face-to-face classroom and be prepared to join his/her classmates, because all have received similar instruction.  The Virtual Academy's faculty - all trained specifically in virtual classroom instruction - understand Lexington Two's academic rigor and learning framework.  They will continue to empower your children to pursue their academic goals, until the time everyone joins together again as part of our greater school community.
Instruction Will young learners in the Virtual Academy have paper packets?  No, young learners will have digital lessons as well.
Instruction Will there be flexibility in a student's pace of learning (can they go ahead or are they limited to go at the pace of the class)? Yes, students will have some flexibility in their pace of learning.  There will, however, be due dates for assignments and set times for attending live class sessions.
Meals My child participates in the free and reduced meals program.  If I enroll her in the Virtual Academy, is there a way that she can get meals? Your child would need to pick up a meal from the school.
Schedule How many hours per day will the children receive direct classroom video instruction from the teacher (or participate in live learning)? The hours per day of direct classroom video instruction will vary by grade level and course.  However, all students will have a component of live instruction as part of their daily schedule.
Special Services Would our child still be able to receive speech and other IEP services virtually? Yes, special services as a result of an IEP would be provided virtually in accordance with individual student plans.
Special Services If my child has Physical Therapy in school how would that work if I decide to do virtual schooling? IEP services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy may receive services through telehealth or other delivery options determined by the IEP team.
Special Services My child has an IEP and receives special services. Will my child be able to participate in the Virtual Academy? Yes. Virtual Academy is open for all students. This includes students with varying disabilities.
Support Would my student still have access to school counselors, if needed? Students will be able to complete online requests as needed to be contacted by one of the district school counselors.
Support What kind of resources are in place to help struggling students outside the virtual classroom? As students are struggling, there will be remedial content to help them understand concepts, as well as opportunities to request additional tutoring or small group instruction.
Technology / Internet We don't have reliable internet.  Is the district going to help with that? The district has hotspots to loan to qualifying families for virtual learning.  Please contact your home school for more information.
Technology / Internet Will the district issue the equipment needed for Virtual Academy participants? Students will be issued a district device (iPad/Chromebook).
Technology / Internet Will the parent/guardian get training in programs if their children are in the Virtual Academy? There will be parent tutorial videos available on our website.