Expectations for Students, Parents, and Teachers

A successful Virtual Academy experience takes a full team effort.  All of us have important roles to play to maintain strong lines of communication in support of student learning.  

Expectations for Students

  1. Keep your device charged and in good, working condition.
  2. Notify Technical Support within one day at 803.603.3712 (7:05a-4:15p, M-F) or eLearningDay@lex2.org if your device is damaged or not working properly.
  3. Participate in live class sessions through Google Meet and complete all assigned work daily.  Failure to attend or complete assignments by assigned due dates will result in being marked absent
  4. Check each class daily for new posts, assignments, or information.
  5. Display your face when using Google Meet with your teacher.
  6. Contact the teacher if you need additional assistance to complete digital lessons.
  7. Follow the behavior expectations outlined in the Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and your teacher.
  8. Complete a counseling request form if you need to talk to someone or need emotional support.

Expectations for Parents

  1. Help your child establish a daily routine, including classes, lunch, and physical activity.
  2. Work with your child to identify an optimal working place for them to concentrate and participate in class activities.
  3. Secure WiFi access for your child.
  4. Check your child’s progress in Acellus and Parent Portal regularly.
  5. Help your child contact technical support if needed.  Technical support is available at 803.603.3712 (7:05a-4:15p, M-F) or eLearningDay@lex2.org.  Emailing the Virtual Academy email address will not result in technical support.
  6. Help your child contact their teachers for any needed support during designated help times or by email.
  7. Contact your child’s home school if he/she is sick and unable to attend school.  Send excuse notes to the school’s registrar.  All state and district attendance policies apply.
  8. Participate in regularly scheduled virtual family conferences.
  9. Check your email, the Virtual Academy website, and social media daily to stay informed.

Expectations for Teachers

  1. Provide families an instructional plan for the following week by 6:00 PM on Sunday, showing all live class sessions, tests/quizzes, small group times, and office hours for individual assistance.
  2. Communicate with students on a daily basis.
  3. Keep timely attendance records.
  4. Track and analyze student progress using dashboards and formative assessments for timely instructional intervention.
  5. Respond to emails on a timely basis.
  6. Report grades in PowerSchool within one week of due dates.
  7. Notify parents/guardians immediately by email if a student’s average drops below a 70%.